When drillers need oil and gas pipe dope, South Coast Products is one of the most popular names they turn to. That’s because, throughout the entire world, the South Coast Products team stands as one of top manufacturers of oilfield joint compounds.

That means our ThredOn thread lubricant products are used, and trusted, in oilfields all across the United States and the rest of the world. Our products are proven and we are continually innovating to discover new, exciting products that will bring even more effectiveness and efficiency to your application.

As leading thread sealant manufacturer, we can assure that our products are:

  • Tested and proven: We didn’t become one of the leading producers of oil and gas thread compounds by accident. We have worked hard to spread the word about our ThredOn products and their effectiveness has been proven on drilling sites all across the globe, helping to avoid galling and leaking.
  • Environmentally friendly: South Coast Products has placed a strong emphasis on formulating oil and gas pipe dope that minimizes the impact on the environment. We are constantly looking for ways to make products even safer for the environment and our clients.

  • Able to hold up to extreme conditions: As leaders in thread sealant products, we know the harsh demands that come with work in the oilfields — from high pressure and extreme temperatures to fighting excessive moisture. Our oil and gas thread sealant compounds remain effective in the face of these conditions.

We invite you to speak with our team to discover how we have been able to so effectively service companies that belong to the oil and gas industry.

At South Coast Products, we put the needs of our clients at the forefront of all we do. We know you will receive great service and even greater oil and gas pipe dope when you work with us. Talk to our team right now.