Chemola™ ThredOn™ Absolute Copper

Premium Copper Drilling and Storage Compound

Chemola™ ThredOn™ Absolute Copper is a specialy formulated hybrid drilling and storage compound, developed for extreme drilling and challenging storage environments. Absolute Copper includes a high-performance corrosion inhibitor, providing excellent storage protection, while exhibiting superior running performance. Absolute Copper protects against corrosion, resists washout, and will not harden or bleed in storage.

Special Features and Benefits
High Copper content
Friction factor of 1.1 (per API RP7A1)
High temperature service rating
Applies easily and evenly
Works on entire drill string
Short- and long-term storage (up to 24 months)
Adheres to OBM covered threads better than many competitive alternatives
Versatile — One product, two applications
Lead and Zinc free

*Contains no lead.
*Available in Arctic Grade.

Recommended Uses

Absolute Copper is ideal in severe environments and resists corrossive gases such as hydrogen sulfide. It protects threads against galling and allows for ease of both makeup and breakout. High copper, high temperature compound for entire drill string, with storage protection. Absolute Copper can be used for all drilling applications (rotary-shouldered connections), including high temperature environments. It is also effective for use on slides, jacking systems, cantilever type rigs and assemblies.

Typical Characteristics

AppearanceCopper, smooth
Penetration (ASTM D217)300-330
Worked Penetration, 60x (ASTM D217)300-330
Base GreaseLithium Complex
Base OilMineral oil
Base Oil Viscosity140 cSt at 40°C
Base Oil Viscosity10 cSt at 100°C
Base Oil Pour Point-10°F (-23°C)
Solids ContentCopper, corrosion inhibitors
Specific Gravity1.3
Density (lb/gal)10.5
Dropping Point (ASTM D566)500°F (260°C)
Flash Point430°F (221°C)
Temperature Range0°F to 500°F (-18°C to 260°C)
Four-Ball EP Weld Point (ASTM D2596620 kgf
Friction Factor (API 7A1)1.1
Brushable To0°F (-18°C)
Sulfur Content <0.15%

Packaging Information

Item NumberUnit SizeQuantity
0380030WMS30 lb metal pail
0380045WMS45 lb metal pail