Injectable Packing

South Coast Products is one of the leading providers of injectable stem packing compounds. Our team boasts our Chemola Desco line of products that admirably meets and exceeds the needs of our clients, which belong to a wide range of industries.

These valve stem packing products are:

  • Effective even in amongst extreme conditions. This can mean extreme temperatures or holding up against intense pressure.
  • Include designs for water and steam applications. These synthetic, injectable stem compounds will hold up against moisture and resist physical and chemical erosion preventing premature wash out.
  • Friendly to the environment. This has, for a long time, been a primary focus for South Coast Products. We are constantly working to develop environmentally friendly products for our clients, which includes our injectable packing compounds.

These injectable stem packing compounds can be injected with a high-pressure lubrication hand gun.

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Trust the excellence and quality of South Coast Products

When it comes to valve stem packing products and our vast array of other sealants, lubricants and compounds, South Coast Products produces nothing but the highest quality products. We are trusted by a very long list of clients, which include valve manufacturers and maintenance providers, to provide them with highly effective and cost-efficient products.

We work hard at our Houston-based production facility to do that and so much more. We have grown to become a worldwide player in the industry and we are still working hard to innovate and create the next era of products.

Contact a member of the South Coast Products staff for a free consultation. Tell us about your needs and your applications and we can show you through our extensive line of products. You will find injectable stem packing compounds that you can rely on when you work with South Coast Products!