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Chemola™ Desco AQS-7

Rig Wash Concentrate
Chemola™ Desco AQS-7 is a heavy duty butyl fire-retardant cleaner; its wetting, penetrating and emulsifying action removes even petroleum and carbonaceous deposits and is tough on dirt, grime and petroleum residue. Concentrated AQS-7 turns water into a fierce soil adversary. Because it is a liquid, there is no special mixing or waste as it all goes into solution. It goes further, cleans better, thus saving you money.

Chemola™ Desco Clean & Green

Biodegradable Rig Wash Concentrate
Chemola™ Desco Clean & Green biodegradable rig wash is a non-phosphate, solvent-free, readily biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner concentrate that is more powerful against oil and grease than its heavy-duty butyl predecessors. This environmentally-friendly cleaner has special biodegradable surfactants coupled with non-toxic sequestrants and dispersing agents that give superior wetting and cleaning power without harming metal surfaces or irritating skin.

Chemola™ Desco Super-Q-Sol

Steam Cleaner and Rig Wash Concentrate
Chemola™ Desco Super-Q-Sol makes a solution that will penetrate and remove all types of grease and grime normally encountered in industrial and commercial cleaning jobs. It is formulated for steam cleaners and power washers, but equally effective when applied by rag, brush or spray. Chemola™ Desco Super-Q-Sol will not clog jets or lines in power equipment.

Chemola™ Desco Super-Q-Sol concentrate is a complex, biodegradable liquid detergent that is most effective with high dilution ratios of water. A normal dilution ratio of 1 to 50 parts water is recommended but the ratio will vary from 1 to 20 parts water up to 100 parts water, according to water properties and cleaning conditions. The cleaning solution is non-flammable and can be used in hazardous plant areas.