Chemola™ Desco Clean & Green

Biodegradable Rig Wash Concentrate

Chemola™ Desco Clean & Green biodegradable rig wash is a non-phosphate, solvent-free, readily biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner concentrate that is more powerful against oil and grease than its heavy-duty butyl predecessors. This environmentally-friendly cleaner has special biodegradable surfactants coupled with non-toxic sequestrants and dispersing agents that give superior wetting and cleaning power without harming metal surfaces or irritating skin.

Recommended Uses

May be used with steam cleaner, power washer, floor scrubber, brush, mop or cloth.

Typical Characteristics

AppearanceGreen liquid
pH (1% in water)9
Specific Gravity1.0
Density (lb/gal)8.5
Cloud Point> 60°F (140°C)
VOC Content< 0.4% (4 g/L)
Hard Water StabilityStable
Metal CorrosionNone
Environmental StatusReadily biodegradable, non-toxic, phosphate- and solvent-free
Steam Cleaner25:1
Power Washer25:1
Floor Scrubber50:1
Salt Water 20:1

Packaging Information

Item NumberUnit SizeQuantity
0706001WP1 gal plastic4 per case
0706005WP5 gal plastic
0706055DR55 gal drum
0706250TO250 gal tote