Protective Coatings

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ThredOn® QC 2000

Quick Dry Protective Coating

ThredOn® QC 2000 is a water based, non-combustible forumla. QC 2000 is quick drying and forms a hard film with excellent mar and scuff resistance. It protects and preserves against rust and corrosion. QC 2000 has excellent metal adhesion characteristics.

ThredOn® Weather Coat

Protective Coating for Machinery and Tubulars

ThredOn® Weather Coat is a protective coating used in machine shops, pipe yards, offshore platforms or anywhere metal needs to be protected for short or long periods of time. It leaves a semi-fluid, non-hardening coating that protects metal against rust and corrosion for extended periods in sun, rain, sand, salt-water and/or frigid temperatures. Weather Coat can be brushed on or thinned with mineral spirits and sprayed on or used for dip coating. It can be removed using common solvents such as diesel or paint thinner.