ThredOn® EZE Break Drill Collar

Premium TFE Rotary Shoulder Compound

ThredOn® EZE-Break DC compound is a lead-free high pressure compound for rotary shouldered connections. It is compounded with PTFE and other solid additives to maintain a positive thread seal while preventing galling in the most extreme environments. Special corrosion inhibition and oxidation stabilization additives are present to prevent rust and expand shelf life. It insures a positive seal under pressure and ease of breakout without excessive torque.

Recommended Uses

301 can be used for rotary shouldered connections in high torque
operations. It is easy to apply to hot, wet or dry surfaces.

Typical Characteristics

AppearanceLight gray, grainy
Penetration (ASTM D217)330-350
Worked Penetration, 60x (ASTM D217)330-350
Base GreaseLithium Complex
Base OilMineral oil
Base Oil Viscosity140 cSt at 40°C
Base Oil Viscosity10 cSt at 100°C
Base Oil Pour Point-10°F (-23°C)
Solids ContentPTFE, zinc
Specific Gravity1.4
Density (lb/gal)11.7
Dropping Point (ASTM D566)500°F (260°C)
Flash Point430°F (221°C)
Temperature Range0°F to 500°F (-18°C to 260°C)
Four-Ball EP Weld Point (ASTM D2596)400 kgf
Friction Factor (API 7A1)1.0
Brushable To0°F (-18°C)
Sulfur Content<0.3%

Packaging Information

Item NumberUnit SizeQuantity
0301050WM50 lb pail