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CheckSeal™ 45P

Teflon Sealant

Check Seal™ 45P is sealant designed for wet or dry chlorine service. It can be either pre-formed manually or pumped into place with a high pressure (10,000 psi) grease gun. C45P is a highly versatile and durable self molding sealant used for stuffing boxes and for all types of valves, pumps and mechanical equipment.

Typical Characteristics

ApplicationsWet or dry chlorine service CAUTION: PTFE exposed to temperature above 500°F generates free fluorine gas.
Temperature Range-180°F to 400°F (-117°C to 204°C)
LimitationsShould not be used at temps over 500°F (204°C) as PTFE can generate toxic fluoride compounds
AppearanceOff-white grainy sticks or paste
Penetration (ASTM D217)40-80
Specific Gravity1.5
Density (lb/gal)12.6
Injection Characteristics2000 psi, flows adequately at higher pressures
Long Term Changes Some loss of carrier with pressure and temperature; reinjection may be required.
StorageKeep in dry area

Packaging Information

Item NumberUnit SizeQuantity
CS0856001PL3/4” x 4” plugs 10 per pouch
CS0856010BP1012-12, 1 gal 12 lbs
CS085616JBX 1-3/8 ” x 8-1/2” , “J” stick 16 per box
CS0856EKBP3/4" spiral in12 lbs