Aqua Pozo

Since 1968, South Coast Products has been providing quality compounds and greases for all drilling applications – from onshore and offshore exploration to HDD directional boring and to the water well and geothermal industries.

We are proud to announce a new focus on the water well industry by launching the Aqua Pozo line of drilling and production compounds specifically designed for the needs of the water well industry.

Aqua Pozo products have been developed to address the stated needs of supply, economics and environmental protection for both municipal and residential water well drilling and production.

We look forward to sharing our 50+ years of thread compound manufacturing expertise with you and your customers.

Product Categories

Aqua Pozo Cu

Copper Based Drilling Compound

Aqua Pozo Cu is a premium tool joint compound formulated to prevent downhole make-up even under high drilling torques frequently experienced while water well drilling. It contains copper flake and other solid lubricants and additives in a high-quality grease base. It resists water washout and provides easy breakout without galling. Aqua Pozo Cu doubles as a premium anti-seize compound and high temperature lubricant for bolts, flanges, and studs.

Aqua Pozo Production Grease

Metal Free Production Compound

Aqua Pozo Production Grease was developed as a metal-free alternative to API Modified and other metal containing production compounds. It exceeds all performance specifications described in API specification 5CT and set forth in API Recommended Practice 5A3. Aqua Pozo Production Grease is suitable for use on all standard casing and tubing threaded connections for water well production and is 100% free of heavy metals.

Aqua Pozo Copper Max

Copper Based Drilling and Storage Compound

Aqua Pozo Copper Max is a specially formulated hybrid drilling and storage compound, developed for extreme water well drilling and challenging storage environments. Aqua Pozo Copper Max includes a high-performance corrosion inhibitor, providing excellent storage protection, while exhibiting superior running performance. It protects against corrosion, resists washout, and will not harden or bleed in storage.

Aqua Pozo Casing Special

Lead and Zinc Free Production Compound

Aqua Pozo Casing Special is a lead and zinc-free thread compound for casing, tubing, and line pipe. It exceeds industry standards as a premium compound for all threaded steel connections used for water well production. As a storage compound it provides superior performance over API Modified in a safe lead-free package. Aqua Pozo Casing Special is formulated with a proprietary blend of graphite, PTFE and premium copper flake to provide unmatched thread protection.

Aqua Pozo Verde

Environmentally Friendly Drilling Compound

Aqua Pozo Verde is a non-metallic environmentally friendly compound for all rotary shouldered drilling connections, specifically designed to be used as an alternative to metallic compounds. This premium compound is not affected by solvents, oil, mud, corrosion, mild acids, or alkalis. It is 100% free of heavy metals such as copper, lead and zinc.

Aqua Pozo PVC

Production Compound for Threaded PVC & CPVC Connections

Aqua Pozo PVC is a special purpose lubricant/sealant for downhole water well PVC & CPVC connections. The base carrier provides a high level of multi-particle size PTFE, to assure leak tight seals and ease of “break out.” It contains anti-galling components, oxidation inhibitors plus other lubricant stabilizers. This is a soft-set compound and will not harden or dry.

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