Welcome to South Coast Products, providers of some of the most effective Yellow Rated thread compounds on the market. Our products are used in a wide range of industries, primarily the oil and gas industry.

We carry a line of Yellow Rated thread lubricants. Our Chemola ThredOn series provides solutions for a wide range of applications — from our metal-free thread compound (Chemola ThredOn 335 T&C Klean Kote), which is designed to adhere to the performance requirements of API Bul 5A3 to ThredOn Enviro-Lube, which are our biodegradable extreme pressure lubricants — our products are carefully engineered to be effective in even the most demanding applications.


Lubricate threaded joints with our Yellow Rated thread compound

South Coast Products offers these multi-purpose compounds to aid in the drilling and completion of oil and gas wells. With our Yellow Rated thread compounds applied to the threading, you can effectively:

  • Stop threads from galling
  • Better seal joints in the drill string
  • Avoid rusting and oxidation when assets are not in use

Our Yellow Rated thread lubricants are trusted in oilfields throughout the world, proven to be both effective and cost efficient.


A focus on quality

Our Yellow Rated thread lubricants and our many other products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility located in Houston. In business since 1968, South Coast Products has become the name that manufacturers have learned they can trust.

South Coast Products has become one of the primary manufacturers of oilfield thread compounds — and that isn’t by accident. Manufacturers trust our products because they work and they deliver results.

Talk to our team or browse our extensive line of yellow rated thread compounds. A member of our team would be happy to discuss with you both your needs and options.