Chemola™ Delta 1699-09

High Pressure Hydraulic Hand Gun

The Chemola™ Delta 1699-09 hand gun may be used where high pressure valve lubrication is an operating requirement.

Recommended Uses

The Chemola™ Delta 1699-09 high pressure hydraulic hand gun has earned a worldwide reputation in pipeline, refinery and chemical plant service. Its dependability, ease of operation and rugged construction has made it the standard for over half a century. It is light weight (15 pounds) and has the ability to withstand the rigors of field operation–from the desert to the Arctic.

The Chemola™ Delta 1699-09 was originally designed and built for plug valve lubrication. The self-priming hydraulic hand gun has emerged, however, as an excellent lubricator for injecting both lubricant and sealant into gate and ball valves, as well as other equipment that requires periodic lubrication.

It has a built-in relief valve that protects the hand gun from damage when the supply of lubricant or sealant is unknowingly depleted. The 15,000 psi gauge helps determine the point where sufficient lubrication has been developed in the valve. This one feature gives the maintenance person precise control of lubrication for each valve use. The Chemola™ Delta 1699 also has a giant buttonhead coupler with an adapter. The device may be used on standard lubricant fittings. A flexible swivel hose allows lubrication in the the tightest of valve manifold systems. Other available accessories include a vent lubrication adapter with buttonhead fitting and an adapter with hose.