Chemola™ Delta 1002-09 and 1602-09

High Pressure Screw-Prime Hand Gun

The Chemola™ Delta 1002-09 and 1602-09 high pressure grease guns may be used on most types of valves.

Recommended Uses

The Chemola™ Delta 1002-09 and 1602-09 are heavy-duty, industrial grade high pressure hand guns. Use them where proper valve lubrication is part of a planned maintenance program and extreme high pressure requirements are not required.

Because they are inexpensive, many users dedicate a gun to each type of valve lubricated used at a plant or pump station. “J” or “K” size sticks are often used with heavy-duty valve lubricants or injectable packing, as well as industry-standard fittings where pressures of up to 10,000 psi are sufficient for maintenance programs. The hand guns come equipped with a 10" or 16" swivel hose assembly and giant buttonhead coupler compatible with industry standard valve lubrication fittings.

The Chemola™ Delta 1002-09 and 1602-09 hand guns are constructed of high quality materials and engineered for years of heavy-duty use. They are virtually maintenance free and in stock replacement parts are easily available to insure years of continuous service.