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CheckSeal™ 8AB

Two-Component Elastometric Plastic Sealing

Check Seal™ 8AB is a two-component sealant that cures to an elastomeric plastic consistency for extreme shock resistance. It is recommended for cyclical or shock applications.

Recommended Uses

Common usages include fuels, glycols, mild alkalis, aliphatic hydrocarbons, hot oils, kerosene, steam, water, liquors, transformer oil, and SF6 gas.

Typical Characteristics

ApplicationsTransformer oil, SF6 gas, fuels, hot oil, water and steam
Temperature Range20°F to 450°F (-6.66°C to 232°C)
LimitationsShould not be used at temps over 450°F (232°C)
AppearanceWhite and blue pastes
Volume191 cu. in – 1 gal kit
Injection Characteristics500 psi, flows well with minimum hydraulic pressure
CureHard elastomeric set, rate depends on temperature
Long Term ChangesNone
Storage70°F or lower

Packaging Information

Item NumberUnit SizeQuantity
CS8001111 gal kit, 9 lb