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Gate Valve Grease

If your company manages an operation to extract oil or gas, chances are you’ve heard of South Coast Products (SOCO). Since 1968, we’ve been perfecting the art of operational efficiency in drilling and mining. That’s why we’re the superior choice for a gate valve grease distributor for many companies around the world. The cost of extracting natural resources can be astronomical without the proper equipment and maintenance procedures. We’re here to reduce those costs for our valued customers.

Product Categories

Chemola™ Desco 1055

Premium Synthetic Valve Lubricant

Chemola™ Desco 1055 is a state-of-the-art synthetic lubricant that is exceedingly resistant to hydrocarbons, water and hydrochloric acid. Chemola™ Desco 1055 is formulated with solid lubricants to provide lubrication to 600˚F.

Chemola™ Desco 111 (HS)

Hydrogen Sulfide Service

Chemola™ Desco 111 (HS) is a synthetic lubricant for valves, swivel joints, pumps and flanges in service where sour gases are present. Chemola™ Desco 111 (HS) has high metal adhesion, corrosion resistance and is water resistant.

*For Use In Gate, Ball, And Plug Valves.

Chemola™ Desco 111 (HT)

Valve Lubricant for Sour Service

Chemola™ Desco 111 (HT) is a black, tacky grease designed for maximum hydrocarbon resistance at temperatures up to 350°F. Chemola™ Desco 111 (HT) is also highly resistant to H2S and sour crude service.

*For Use In Gate, Ball, And Plug Valves.

Chemola™ Desco 111 (LT)

Low Temp Hydrogen Sulfide Service

Chemola™ Desco 111 (LT) is designed for use in valves under arctic conditions (to -75 F). 111-LT is extremely resistant to hydrogen sulfide and will not mix with water, preventing freeze-up in the valve. Because it provides good metal protection and is particularly water resistant, it is the recommended lubricant for frac valves.

Chemola™ Desco 600

Synthetic Valve Lubricant

Chemola™ Desco 600 is a superior lubricant formulated for resistance to hydrocarbons. It contains 100% synthetic fluids with a non-soap thickener. Chemola™ Desco 600 is our most popular lubricant for non-sour services and is formulated for resistance to hydrocarbons, water and synthetic fluids.

Chemola™ Desco 620

Sealant/Lubricant for WKM Type Valves

Chemola™ Desco 620 is a “peanut butter” type of synthetic lubricant/sealant used in gate valves with liquid and gas hydrocarbon service. It has a 100% synthetic fluid base and is also available in a softer version referred to as “creamy.”

Chemola™ Desco 660

Hydrocarbon Service for McEvoy Type Valves

Chemola™ Desco 660 is a superior gate valve lubricant/sealant formulated with 100% synthetic oils and non-soap thickeners. It is very effective in gas service (except chlorine, bromine, fluorine, and oxygen) and highly resistant to washout. It has excellent metal adhesion, corrosion resistance, EP characteristics and is water resistant.

Chemola™ Desco 750

High Temperature Hydrocarbon Service

Chemola™ Desco 750 is formulated with 100% synthetic oils and contains solid lubricants for effective lubrication at temperatures to 900˚F.

Chemola™ Desco 800

Aromatic Hydrocarbon Service

Chemola™ Desco 800 is a high purity synthetic lubricant formulated for enhanced resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons and gasoline. Its blend of heavy bodied synthetic oils promotes superior metal adhesion and resistance to hydrocarbon blends that have a high percentage of aromatic compounds.

Chemola™ Desco 955

Premium Synthetic

Chemola™ Desco 955 is a hydrocarbon-resistant synthetic lubricant containing molybdenum disulfide for added extreme pressure properties. Chemola™ Desco 955 is formulated with solid lubricants to provide lubrication to 600˚F.

SOCO: The Best Gate Valve Grease and More! 

When it comes to your operation, you absolutely depend on quality gate valves. Those valves require high-performance grease to make sure your standards of pipeline fluid control are met. Here at SOCO, we’re always happy to advise our oil and gas customers on precisely which gate valve greasing products they should use for their equipment. 

Our reputation for providing quality parts and customer service keeps growing every year. In addition to our customers with various drilling applications we also partner with the following industries every day: 

  • Marine
  • Pipelines
  • Industrial plants
  • Petrochemical

We enjoy helping our partners function more efficiently, reduce their expenses and achieve their extraction goals.When your operation needs the best gate valve grease, high-performance sealant or injectable packing, SOCO is here for you. Let’s build and maintain your valuable systems together! 

Your Important Pipeline Integrity 

As we all know, it’s not just the creation of pipeline workflows that counts… It’s also the careful attention to maintenance.  SOCO is a recognized leader in producing and distributing the products that properly maintain all of the following and more:

  • Pipes
  • Threads
  • Wellheads
  • Oilfield joints
  • Pipeline valves
  • Ball valves
  • Gate valves
  • Flanges

We offer the best maintenance solutions in the industry for the equipment listed above and the best customer service to obtain what you need, quickly. SOCO offers all manner of lubricant solutions for oil and gas drilling that will stand up to the extreme pressures and temperatures of the aforementioned environments.

We‘ll work tirelessly to protect your equipment from rust, oxidation and galling. Partner with us to ensure that your downtime is as close to zero as possible and that the safety of your workers remains paramount. And please feel free to call our technically proficient customer service and find out which of the following products will best serve your operations and gate valve procedures:

  • Chemola™  Desco 1055
  • Chemola™  Desco 955
  • Chemola™  Desco 750
  • Chemola™  Desco 111 (HS)
  • Chemola™  Desco 111 (HT)
  • Chemola™  Desco 111 (LT)
  • And more…

When your drilling and extraction efficiency is top priority, SOCO is your one-stop shop. 

Contact SOCO Today 

Please call us at (713) 225-0048 (for local buyers) or you may call our toll-free number at (800) 535-5823 with any questions.

You can also email us at custserv@socousa.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.