Casing Compounds

For the past five decades, South Coast Products (SOCO) has been making high-end casing compound products that set the industry standard — and we do it all right here in Texas. Our wide distribution net means that we can quickly and efficiently get you any products that you need, anywhere in the world, but you always get the same American-made quality. We stand behind these products and strive daily to uphold our good name in this industry. When you need products you can trust from a company with the experience and reliability to deliver time and time again, all you need to do is contact SOCO.

Product Categories

ThredOn® 733 Elite

High Pressure Thread Compound

ThredOn® 733 Elite is a specially formulated thread compound developed exclusively for use on premium proprietary tubing and casing connections. The particle size distribution of the solids is carefully selected to provide maximum connection protection regardless of metal type or thread design. 733 Elite exceeds API RP 5A3 (obsolete BUL 5A2) and ISO 13678. It contains a unique blend of inhibitors which provide class leading corrosion resistance when compared to similar products. Chemola Thredon 733 Elite can withstand pressures exceeding 10,000 psi at temperatures exceeding 500°F.

ThredOn® API Modified

High Pressure Thread Compound

ThredOn® 303 API Modified for casing, tubing and line pipe is manufactured in accordance with specifications and recommendations of API RP 5A3 (former API BUL 5A2) and ISO 13678. It rises above other API Modified compounds as a result of our unique blend of base greases which enhances its ability to adhere to wet threads and provides higher temperature performance. The composition is compliant with API RP 5A3 Annex B. Withstands pressures exceeding 10,000 psi.

ThredOn® Black Gold

Copper Compound for Tubing and Casing

ThredOn® Black Gold is an environmentally friendly tubing and casing compound used on all threaded connections. Due to the high percentage of solids suspended in this compound, it can also be used as a high temperature thread sealant. Black Gold contains Chemola™’s exclusive Copper+ additives package with over 50% solids for superior sealing ability and ease of break-out. Black Gold will prevent galling or damage to threads while ensuring a positive seal. It is easy to apply to dry or wet threads.

ThredOn® HannaSeal #55

Small Pipe Thread Compound

ThredOn® HannaSeal #55 is a small pipe, soft set thread sealant. It can be pressurized immediately after application and makeup.

ThredOn® HannaSeal Special

Small Pipe TFE Thread Compound

ThredOn® HannaSeal Special is a special purpose lubricant/sealant for high pressure applications. The base carrier provides for protection against attack from the presence of CO2 with a high level of multi-particle size PTFE, to assure leak tight seals and ease of “break out.” It contains anti-galling components, rust and oxidation inhibitors plus other lubricant stabilizers. This is a soft-set compound and will not harden or dry.

ThredOn® Metal Free TJ

Metal Free Tool Joint Compound

ThredOn® Metal Free TJ is a non-metallic and environmentally friendly compound for all tubular threads and is used as an alternative to metallic tool joint compounds. This premium compound is not affected by solvents, oil, mud, corrosion, mild acids, or alkalis.

ThredOn® Millennium

Metal-Free Thread Compound with TFE

ThredOn® Millennium is an excellent, metal-free substitute for API modified high-pressure thread compound. Millennium is formulated without metallic components (lead, zinc, copper). This TFE compound is environmentally safe and provides an excellent seal on casing, tubing and line pipe threads.

Millennium conforms to the performance requirements of API 5A3.

ThredOn® Millennium VI

Lead-free Alternative to API Modified

ThredOn® Millennium VI is a lead and zinc free thread compound for casing, tubing and line pipe. As a running compound it is proven stable in high pressure and high temperature conditions and as a storage compound provides superior performance over API Modified.

ThredOn® T&C Klean Kote

Metal-Free Thread Compound

ThredOn® T&C Klean Kote was developed as a metal-free alternative to API Modified. T&C Klean Kote exceeds all performance specifications described in API specification 5CT and set forth in API Recommended Practice 5A3.

ThredOn® Texas Special

Lead-Free Thread Compound for Tubing and Casing

ThredOn® Texas Special is a lead free alternative to API Modified compound. Texas Special is formulated with an exclusive solids additive package to insure a positive seal and ease of break-out. Texas Special Thread Compound will prevent galling or damage to threads and is easy to apply to dry or wet threads.

*Contains no lead.

Buy Casing Compounds with a Wide Variety

One of the big advantages of working with an established company like SOCOUSA is that we have developed a wide variety of options within our product line. We have lead-free casing compounds, for instance, along with copper compounds and much more. Our friendly, helpful team will be glad to work with you to determine exactly what you need for your operation, relying on our extensive experience in this industry. Just a few of the high-caliber casing compounds for sale in our inventory include:

  • T&C Klean Kote
  • Millennium
  • Millennium VI
  • API Modified
  • 733 Elite
  • Hanna Seal Special
  • Hanna Seal 55
  • Black Gold
  • Texas Special

We understand that situations are often unique, so we’ll be glad to provide as much information as you need to make the right purchase.

Why Else Should You Buy Casing Compounds From Us?

Even if you know that we have products that will work for you, why should you choose us over the competition? Here are the main things our customers love about working with us:

  • We are easy to contact in a variety of ways, and we believe in strong communication to achieve optimal results.
  • We have a state-of-the-art facility in Texas where these top-of-the-line products are made.
  • Everything we make is designed to withstand extreme environments and heavy use. These are premium-grade products that you can count on when you need them most.
  • We believe in innovation; our founder, Hector Cantu, was often called the “Mad Chemist.” You know that we’re going to go above and beyond to make casing compound products unlike any you can find elsewhere.
  • Our distribution network stretches from Texas to Qatar to New Zealand to Japan — and everywhere in between.

Not only does this distribution network mean that it’s easy to get the products you need to any location quickly and efficiently, but you can see that these are products that are trusted the world over. We’re proud of the legacy we’ve created in the last 50 years. When you buy from us, you get to be part of that, using compounds that have changed the world and seen application on every corner of the globe. If quality is what you’re after more than anything else — as it should be — it’s as simple as calling SOCO. Quality is what we do best.

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If you have been looking for the best casing compound supplier, SOCO is just a quick call away. Local buyers can contact the office by dialing (713) 225-0048, and we also have a toll-free number you can call from anywhere: (800) 535-5823. If email is easier, just send us a message at We hope to hear from you soon.