When oil and gas companies search for the most effective oil drilling compounds, they come to South Coast Products. We proudly serve as one of the top three manufacturers of oilfield thread compound in the entire world.

While South Coast Products serves clients that belong to a wide range of industries, the oil and gas industry is one of our clear specializations. When you work with South Coast Products, we can assure you drilling tool joint compounds and many other products that will stand up to the harsh conditions and rigorous demands that come with these applications.

This means formulating a product that remains effective:

  • While facilitating both high speed and high torque
  • Under extreme temperatures
  • Under high pressures
  • And more

Our oil drilling compounds stave off corrosion and rust, thus, preserving threads and extending their life. This means more money saved on replacing these components and getting the job done effectively with our drilling tool joint storage compounds.


A focus on environmentally friendly products

Many companies might be content with maintaining their status as an industry leader when it comes to serving clients out in the field. South Coast Products is never content — we always push ourselves to innovate and find better products and services in which to service our clients with.

Our latest push comes in the form of creating more environmentally friendly products that ease the impact on the environment but are still able to deliver the needed functionality of the end client. With this vision, we are confident that we will be able to revolutionize the means by which crews in the oilfield protect their equipment.

We want to thank you for considering South Coast Products for your oil drilling compounds and other needs. Please talk to a member of our staff to learn more about what we have to offer.