South Coast Products is a premier source for environmental friendly lubricants for oilfield drilling. We invite you to explore our extensive line of ThredOn products, which are created with quality and consistency here at our state-of-the-art facility, located in our home city of Houston.

Our environmental friendly sealants for oilfield drilling stand up to extreme:

  • Temperatures
  • Pressure
  • Moisture
  • Environments
  • And more

These are products that extend the efficiency, effectiveness and life of drilling pipes. In fact, we have become somewhat of a worldwide force when it comes to lubricants for oilfield drilling.

South Coast Products currently serves as one of the three top manufacturers of oilfield thread compound. This is because we offer a product that is effective, cost-efficient, consistent and is always backed by some of the most reliable customer service available.


Offering private label service

South Coast Products ships a lot of environmentally friendly compounds for oilfield drilling under private labels. We team with many different companies that have discovered a market need and are able to fulfill that need using our products.

These companies rely on our team for environmental friendly sealants for oilfield drilling because we have a product that is consistent and stands up to even the most strenuous of quality control measures. Quality is at the forefront of every product that leaves our facility.


Talk to South Coast Products about our sealants for oilfield drilling

At South Coast Products, we specialize in working with the gas and oil industry — along with a variety of other industries and applications. We have poured our industry knowledge and experience into the products that we make.

Talk to one of our representatives if you have questions, concerns or would simply like to learn more about our environmental friendly lubricants for oilfield drilling.