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Ball Valve Sealants

If your company is seeking innovative, high-quality industrial products to address your full-range of applications, the team at South Coast Products has you covered.

We leverage our 50 years of experience supplying the best ball valve lube and other products to keep our customers’ projects on track for success.

We earned our reputation as an industry leader able to quickly supply innovative, top-quality products to clients across the globe. Our dedicated team is standing by to team with you and find the optimal solution to your unique application’s needs.

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Treat Your Worn or Corroded Valves with the Best Ball Valve Sealant Available

Our diverse Chemola™ Desco line offers ball valve lubricant, sealant, cleaner and injectable packing products to keep your missions on pace. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or go online to learn about the full range of ball valve lube and sealant products we offer including:

  • Chemola™ Desco Valve Cut: Utilize this semi-fluid combination of penetrants and lubes to help cut through deposits, solids or corrosion that make your valves difficult to operate. Use it on neglected valves and help release them so you can begin applying preventative maintenance actions in the future.
  • Chemola™ Desco TFE-Seal 108: This exceptional quality sealant was crafted by experts in the valve repair industry to address worn or damaged valves. If TFE-Seal 108 cannot seal a valve, it may be time to consider rebuilding it.
  • Chemola™ Desco Ram Lube: Our environmentally friendly, non-toxic Ram Lube is ideally suited to use on both rims and seals of BOP units.

Contact our technical experts today to find additional products to address your project’s unique needs.

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