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Chemola™ Desco 111 (HS)

Hydrogen Sulfide Service

Chemola™ Desco 111 (HS)
 is a synthetic lubricant for valves, swivel joints, pumps and flanges in service where sour gases are present. Chemola™ Desco 111 (HS) has high metal adhesion, corrosion resistance and is water resistant.

Recommended Uses
Chemola™ Desco 111 (HS) is used worldwide in applications where hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide are present. Chemola™ Desco 111 (HS) can be used in the presence of acid solutions, aliphatic hydrocarbons, diesel fuel, hydrogen sulfide, sour crude, sour gas, sulfonated oils and water.

Typical Characteristics

Appearance Black, smooth, tacky
Penetration (ASTM D217) 265-300
Worked Penetration, 60x (ASTM D217) 265-300
Base Oil Natural and synthetic ester
Base Oil Viscosity 1000 cSt at 40°C
Base Oil Pour Point -10°F (-12°C)
Thickener Inorganic
Additives H2S/Corrosion Inhibitor package
Solids Content Graphite
Specific Gravity 1.0
Density (lb/gal) 8.5
Dropping Point (ASTM D566) >500°F (260°C)
Flash Point >500°F (260°C)
Temperature Range -20°F to 350°F (-29°C to 177°C)
Four-Ball Wear (ASTM D2266) 0.6mm
Four-Ball EP Weld Point (ASTM D2596) 160 kgf
Oil Separation (ASTM D1742) <2%
Resistance to Water (FTM 5415) Pass
Resistance to 50% Ethanol in Water (FTM5415) Pass
Resistance to Synthetic Condensate (FTM 5415 mod) Pass
Resistance to Mineral Spirits (FTM 5415 mod) Pass
Resistance to 20% Hexane in Mineral Spirits (FTM 5415 mod) Pass
Resistance to Diesel Fuel (FTM 5415 mod) Pass


Recommended Clean Up Solvents

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Methyl Alcohol
  • Chlorinated Solvents
  • Active Solvents (Esters, Ketones, etc.)

Packaging Information

Item Number Unit Size   Quantity
080372BBX “B” stick 3/8” x 1-1/2” 72 per box
080332CBX “C” stick 7/16” x 2-1/8” 32 per box
080328DBX “D” stick 1/2” x 2-1/4” 28 per box 
080314GBX “G” stick 5/8” x 3-1/2” 14 per box 
080316JBX “J” stick 1-3/8” x 8-1/2” 16 per box 
080312KBX “K” stick 1-1/2” x 10-1/2” 12 per box
0803010QB 10 lb can  
0803010CR 14 oz cartridge 10 per carton
0803020WMS 20 lb pail  
0803040WMS 40 lb pail  
0803120KG 120 lb keg  
0803400DR 400 lb drum  


*For Use In Gate, Ball, And Plug Valves.


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Do Not Use On Oxygen Services.

Special packaging sizing available upon request.

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