With ThredOn oilfield thread compounds by South Coast Products, oil drillers are able to preserve the life of their equipment despite the constant and ever-present stress that comes with day-to-day duties.

Here at South Coast Products, we have displayed a commitment to serving the oil and gas industry by creating premier oil drilling and completion compounds. Our products stand up to all the demands of the industry. We have created a wide array of oilfield drilling and completion compounds, many of which will:

  • Effectively minimizes thread galling, thus, preserving your equipment
  • Not run or drip
  • Are formulated to adhere to wet surfaces
  • Combats corrosion, oxidation and rust
  • Withstands high pressure and temperatures

Here at South Coast Products, we have let our products and work do the talking. After decades of providing rig crews with the very best in oilfield thread compounds, we have been able to differentiate ourselves as a leading manufacturer in the industrial market.

South Coast Products stands as one of the world’s premier manufacturers of oilfield thread compounds. While oil drilling and completion compounds and our commitment to the oil and gas industry is certainly a specialization, we offer a lot more.

South Coast Products works with members of many different industries, offering outstanding:

  • Desco valve lubricants and sealants
  • Thredon thread compounds
  • Desco packing and maintenance products
  • Checkseal online leak repair products
  • Delta lubrication equipment

These are products that our company stands behind — and always has. They are also backed by strong customer service. We always put the needs of our clients first, and it shows in the way that we are able to match them with the products they need for their specific application.


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