Jacking system gear grease is infinitely important. Jacking systems for applications such as offshore vessels have to operate in the face of harsh environmental conditions. With the right jacking system gear lubricant, you are able to preserve the condition of your equipment and create a more efficient process.

South Coast Products would like to introduce you to our jacking system gear grease that is environmentally safe. Our team has worked hard over the course of decades to create eco-friendly products. This constant pursuit of innovation continues to this very day.


Get gear grease that is environmentally safe

Our jacking system gear lubricant is environmentally safe. Many jacking systems are equipeed with an automatic lubrication system that delivers the grease to the gears in order to preserve it from the punishment it takes from the harsh pressures and environment.

This jacking system gear grease serves as open gear lubricant that adheres to EPA standards. Norway – Yellow and SEFAS-E. Our jacking system gear lubricant is used in offshore drilling — South Coast Products specializes in working with clients from the oil and gas industry.

With our Enviro-lube jacking system gear lubricant that is environmentally safe, you are able to enhance the functionality of equipment while protecting delicate gears from oxidation, corrosion, rusting, galling and more.


Trust in South Coast Products and our extensive line of lubricants

South Coast Products, which has been in operation since 1968, has become a worldwide force when it comes to lubricants, sealants and thread compound. Our products are utilized around the globe in a variety of industries. Our products are carefully formulated and produced in our state-of-the-art production facility in Houston.

We invite you to lean on our team for needs that come with your application. Contact a member of our staff to learn more about our jacking system gear grease.