For industrial oilfield drilling lubricants that are consistent, effective and also environmentally friendly, turn to the dedicated team at South Coast Products. In business since 1968 and with our manufacturing facility located in our home city of Houston, we are dedicated to providing safe products for drillers.

South Coast Products offers a wide range of thread compound, valve sealants, valve lubes and more. Our team has been able to establish itself as one of the leading manufacturers of oilfield industrial thread compounds and valve lubricants and sealants in the world.

That means that our products are used in oilfields around the world. This is something we are proud of as we continue to work to perfect our line of products and innovate in order to bring even more groundbreaking products to market.


Environmentally friendly oilfield drilling compounds

South Coast Products has a commitment to our clients and to easing the impact that our products have on the environment. The oilfield drilling thread compounds of yesteryear were not always considered eco-friendly.

South Coast Products has worked to create environmentally friendly industrial oilfield drilling lubricants. These products are safer for workers and allows our clients to utilize environmentally conscious practices within their production processes.


Strong, effective valve sealants and thread compound

Chemola Desco valve lubricant serves as a lubricant and sealant to optimally prevent leaks. Highly resistant to pressure within the valve, these synthetic greases resist being washed away by physical force and chemical erosion.

South Coast Products and our extensive line of ThredOn compounds helps create a tight seal with drill pipes and preserves the threading from rust, corrosion, and galling. Our products are designed to adhere to wet surfaces.

We have a deep breadth of knowledge when it comes to equipping companies with the products they need to preserve assets and become more efficient within their application.

Speak with a South Coast Products rep right now and ask us more about our industrial oilfield drilling lubricants.