Maintain a safe, hazard-free work environment by relying on South Coast Products and our industrial cleaners and rig wash. South Coast specializes in working with members of the oil and gas industry to provide products and solutions for their specific application.

Our rig wash, Clean and Green, is one of these solutions — providing an environmentally friendly, highly effective means of cutting through hydrocarbon and grease to appropriately clean rigs and a wide variety of other industrial equipment and assets.


Effective rig wash degreaser

Our highly concentrated industrial rig wash detergent has held up in some of the greasiest, highly soiled environments, like oil drilling rigs. Our products have been put to work in these situations to cut through the soil and eliminates the hazards that come with these messes (i.e. slipping hazards, etc.)

These are non-hazardous products designed for dilution and are highly effective even on wet surfaces and more. These industrial cleaners and rig wash can be applied to other equipment as well, helping you to properly maintain expensive machinery and get the highest level of productivity and efficiency from them.


Cost-efficient products for the clients we serve

South Coast Products has quickly garnered a reputation for excellence in regards to rig wash detergent and a wide variety of other products, such as ThredOn thread compound, Desco synthetic valve lubricants and sealants and more.

South Coast Products practices strict quality control measures. Our products are all carefully created in our production facility in Houston. Our industrial rig wash degreasers and cleaners are made with robust ingredients — we don’t skimp to spare ourselves the cost.

We invite you to connect with a member of the South Coast Products team to learn more about our industrial cleaners and rig wash and many other products. A representative would be happy to field your questions and concerns right now.