Chemola™ Desco

Chemola™ Desco is one of the largest and oldest producers of valve lubricants, sealants and packing. The line also offers a variety of greases for a wide range of industrial applications.

Chemola™ Desco TFE Dry-Pak

Synthetic Packing for Valve Stems, Rods and Shafts


Chemola™ Desco TFE Dry-Pak is a TFE-fluorocarbon packing of selected particles sizes for maximum bridging. It can be used as a packing material for valves and miscellaneous applications. This 100% TFE-fluorocarbon packing has low friction and non-adhesive qualities.

Recommended Uses
Chemola™ Desco TFE Dry-Pak is a permanent packing which can be supplemented and does not need to be replaced. It is resistant to most chemicals across the entire pH range.

Typical Characteristics

Appearance White coarse flakes
Solids Content PTFE
Density (lb/gal) 7 (bulk)
Temperature Range Up to to 450°F (232°C) - no minimum


Packaging Information

Item Number Unit Size 
0250010BP 10 lb pail



Do Not Use On Oxygen Services.

Special packaging sizing available upon request.

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