Chemola™ Desco

Chemola™ Desco is one of the largest and oldest producers of valve lubricants, sealants and packing. The line also offers a variety of greases for a wide range of industrial applications.

Chemola™ Desco Open Gear Lube

Rack and Pinion Lubricant


Chemola™ Desco Open Gear Lube is a polymer base gear lubricant used where equipment is subjected to extremely heavy loading and may be subjected to water. This makes it a fine choice for the legs of jack-up rigs. It has a tackiness that makes it stick well to both wet or dry surfaces. It does not melt and is extremely water resistant. It has molybdenum disulfide and other extreme pressure additives to withstand extreme pressure in slow moving, highly loaded gears.

Recommended Uses
King pins, ball joints, chassis, universal joints, fifth wheels and Open gearing, slides, sprockets, jack-up rig legs, gear boxes and other gearing exposed to corrosion or adverse atmospheric conditions.

Typical Characteristics

Appearance Black, tacky, smooth
Penetration (ASTM D217) 240-250
Worked Penetration, 60x (ASTM D217) 240-250
Base Oil Mineral oil
Base Oil Viscosity 143 cSt at 100°C
Base Oil Viscosity 11 cST at 40°C
Base Oil Index 40
Base Oil Pour Point -10°F (-23°C)
Thickener Inorganic
Solids Content Copper, lead, moly disulfide
Specific Gravity 1.0
Density (lb/gal) 8.3
Dropping Point (ASTM D566) >500°F (260°C)
Flash Point >400°F (200°C)
Temperature Range 0°F to 450°F (-18°C to 232°C)
Four-ball Wear (ASTM D2266) 1.0mm
Four-ball EP Weld Point (ASTM D2596) 500 kgf
Load-Wear Index (ASTM D2596) 54
Timken OK 45 lbs


Packaging Information

Item Number Unit Size  Quantity
0109010CR 14 oz cartridge 10 per case
0109035WMS 35 lb pail  
0109120KG 120 lb keg  
0109400DR 400 lb drum  


Do Not Use On Oxygen Services.

Special packaging sizing available upon request.

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