Chemola™ Delta

Our Delta line is divided into two services: lubrication equipment and fittings. The right equipment and fittings paired with the right lubricants helps valves maintain optimal efficiency.

Chemola™ Delta 2140-09

Chemola Delta 2140 09

Air Hydraulic Injection Gun


The Chemola™ Delta 2140-09 Air Hydraulic Injection Gun is a rugged, easy operating, light weight unit that provides an extremely fast discharge rate.

Recommended Uses 

The Chemola™ Delta Air Hydraulic Injection Gun comes complete with an all aluminum frame, a 10,000 psi hydraulic pump, a “K” barrel and a Pelican® carrying case. This versatile unit works well both on and offshore and is recommended for field and plant applications. It is designed to pump standard and special materials including highly viscous lubricants, packing, sealants and cleaners.

Common Industry Applications

  • Pipelines conveying chemicals, crude/refined oil, natural gas, LPG, hydrocarbons and other fuels
  • Pumping and compressor stations, refineries and chemical plants
  • Steel mills, lumber or paper mills, gas and oil drilling or production fields, asphalt, rubber, water or sewage plants, heavy equipment and manufacturing, mining, marine and utilities


  • Tamper-proof internal relief valve
  • Handle used as a push rod to return barrel piston
  • Superior pumping performance with lubricants, packings, sealants and cleaners
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easily refilled with sticks or bulk
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • “Sure grip” surfaces
  • Easily serviceable and available parts










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