Chemola™ Delta

Our Delta line is divided into two services: lubrication equipment and fittings. The right equipment and fittings paired with the right lubricants helps valves maintain optimal efficiency.

Chemola™ Delta VGTA-09

Chemola Delta VGTA 09

Valve Lubrication Adapter Kit

Chemola™ Delta VGTA-09 is a Valve Lubrication Adapter Kit.

Recommended Uses

Used to perform routine or emergency valve maintenance on pipeline valves in the field or at pipeline compressor stations. This valve lubrication adapter kit makes maintenance easier and more cost effective. It resolves:

  • Leaking valve lube sealant fittings
  • Relieving fitting pressure
  • Painted, damaged or plugged fittings
  • Fitting conversions to giant buttonheads
  • Needing adapters













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