Check Seal™

Check Seal™ provides an array of products for online leak protection. This line offers both curing and non-curing sealants and packing.

Check Seal™ 20 AB

Dielectric Two- Component Sealant

Check Seal™ 20 AB is a two-component, rubber type sealant developed for the electrical utility industry and commonly used for transformer leaks. It is available in both fast and slow cure formulas delivered in a two part, pre-measured kit for easy application. Both parts are mixed then applied with a high-pressure lubricator. Check Seal™ 20 can be used for sealing flange gaskets, valve stems, drain plugs and couplings. It can also be used in conjunction with clamps.

Recommended Uses
Sealing and encapsulating heating elements in appliances, aerospace gasketing, industrial ovens and other bonding/sealing where parts must perform at temperatures below 250°F.

Typical Characteristics

Applications Transformer oils, fuels, hot oils, refrigerants, alcohols, chemicals and solvents
CAUTION: Some of the additives in the steam and bfw can kill the cure.
Note: For chemicals, refer to compatibility chart  
Temperature Range  40°F to 275°F (4°C to 135°C)
Limitations Should not be used at temps over 275°F (135°C)
Appearance Off-white resin paste with dark catalyst
Injection Characteristics 500 psi, flows well with high pressure applicator but can be poured directly into place
Cure Semi-hard rubber that is removable; fast and slow cure rates available (temperature dependent)
Long Term Changes None
Storage 70°F or lower

Packaging Information

Item Number Unit Size   Quantity
CS200811 12 oz. kit  16 per box
CS206411 1/2” gal kit, 6 lb  

Do Not Use On Oxygen Services.

Special packaging sizing available upon request.


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