Extend the life of your machinery with 60 Moly (molybdenum disulfide) paste or similar products created by the resident experts here at South Coast Products. We specialize in lubricants, sealants and compounds for a variety of applications — mostly within the industries of petrochemical, oil and gas, transportation and more.

We have products, such as SOCO Moly Paste 602, that act just as 65 Moly paste, which is a dry lubricant that offers a wide range of benefits for both new and used equipment. With 60 Moly grease and similar products, you are able to stave off:

  • Difficulty during disassembly
  • Seizing
  • Galling
  • Distortion
  • And more

With our 65 Moly grease and similar products, you are able to protect moving parts of your equipment and preserve them. This is wildly beneficial for a variety reasons.

  • Cost savings: Equipment is a major investment for any operation. With Moly lubricant products, you are able to extend the life of that machinery so that you get a stronger return on your initial investment.

  • High levels of production: Your manufacturing process can be bogged down by resistance, seizing and other problems. Moly sealant products can mitigate these and other inefficiencies. Our 60 Moly paste and similar products create for an easier, more efficient process.

  • Durable and safe: Our 65 Moly paste products are effective in even the most extreme applications, which can include extreme temperatures, pressure and more. Our products are also environmentally safe and non hazardous for people.

We invite you to explore the wide range of products that we have to offer. In business since 1968, South Coast Products has been one of the premier names in industrial sealants, lubricants and compounds.

Talk to a member of our staff and give us some information about your application. We can provide you with important knowledge on our 60 Moly paste and many other products.